Blue Gum is always on the lookout for outstanding passionate educators who share our vision for education. However, educators generally need to immerse themselves in our way of working, before they feel competent to become a Class Director. So, we offer year-long Internships* each year to new graduates keen to learn how to work the way we do.

So, if looking at our website stirs the embers and strikes a chord with you (nothing like mixing metaphors!), please make contact via email as a starting point –

Simply send an email to with your CV

plus a statement of your educational philosophy (i.e. what’s important to you);

plus why Blue Gum appeals to you as a workplace;

plus details of the personal interests/talents/skills you would like to share with students.

For current vacancies please check

From time to time, we also advertise specific job vacancies here

and on SEEK and/or

*The ad for our most recent intake of Interns –

 Join a small team of passionate professional educators, who set high expectations for students and themselves. Blue Gum is a highly-regarded secular independent school, established in 1998. Small class size: 2 educators to 25 students. Small school size: 100 students – Kindergarten to Year 10. Strong sense of community – working collaboratively rather than competitively with peers, and regular encounters with the broader community. Customised strengths-based learning for each student. ‘Behaviour management’ based on mutually-respectful relationships and problem-solving, rather than rewards/punishments. Blue Gum’s Teaching Internships offer a year-long supportive culture in which to transition from uni student to competent confident teacher! An ideal metamorphosis for a newly-graduated early childhood or primary school teacher!